• Accelerating innovation

    You have a project of innovative entrepreneurship, in connection with CERN technologies ?
    Our team gives you a support to help you to realize your project !

  • Technology transfer

    Creating innovative new products, services and business opportunities from CERN technology transfer

  • Start-up business

    Our Business Incubation Centre (BIC) of CERN Technologies support project leaders and start-up companies in their development


  1. You wan to apply to Pôle de l’entrepreneuriat du Pays de Gex ? Fill in this form or download the INITIAL APPLICATION FORM
  2. You want to integrate InnoGEX ? Download the APPLICATION FORM


Useful links

Refer to the practical guide of the entrepreneur (APCE, 2014 edition) to fully understand stages of business creation.

To increase chances of realization of your project, we invite you to visit websites of key players of business creation in the area :


See the press pack for the launch of InnoGEX.