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Colnec Health entered the INNOGEX Incubation Centre in June 2016. Ever since being incorporated in July 2016, Colnec Health has carried on its development in a steady and methodical way.

Our mission is to develop e-health solutions improving patients’ daily care. We aim to allow all persons suffering from chronic pathologies to live the life they wish at the best of their possibilities. In order to achieve this ambitious intent, we offer a collaborative platform which gives patients a real-time, appropriate and proactive support from healthcare professionals and close relatives. Patients define their therapeutic plan in close cooperation with the medical staff, and manage their care accordingly, so as to achieve the healthcare objectives thus set.

After the first phase of Research & Development, Colnec Health released in December 2017 the Beta version of PACO – Chronic PAtient’s COmpanion.

PACO is the first medical application for patients’ planning and care, and allows a real-time sharing of clinical and behavioural data, while focusing on patients’ needs and preferences. The application is currently in a testing phase, which will be followed by a pilot on real patients, run in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

After Colnec Health’s foundation, our innovating and high potential path has been recognized by several awards such as « Entreprise Remarquable » by Initiative France, « Excellence 2017 » by BPIFrance, « Spécial Innovation » prize by Chambre de Commerce et de l’Industrie de l’Ain. “We are proud to be part of Innogex Incubator, supported by Communauté des Communes du Pays de Gex, CERN and BPI France” stated Yves Mboda, founder and CEO of COLNEC Health.

To reach its goals and accomplish its ambitious mission, COLNEC Health relies on a French-Swiss strategic committee composed by opinion leaders in medicine, business and IT as well as an experienced operating team, which will be soon composed by 8 hired employees, excluding service providers.

A first financial round by institutional and private investors, both in France and abroad, has successfully been concluded, representing another very positive sign of the trust in the potential of COLNEC Health and its purposeful project. This asset raising round has enabled the development of the product as well as supported the set-up of the operating team.

2018 is already looking as a challenging year for COLNEC Health. PACO will be launched as a standalone certified medical device (CE marking) in France, Switzerland and in the international market, while management will continue maintaining strong local connections.

COLNEC Health is looking forward to sharing its vision both with large patients’ and healthcare professionals’ communities.


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