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Le Pilatus PC-6 est un avion utilitaire ADAC (avion à décollage et atterrissage court) à ailes hautes construit par la société suisse Pilatus Aircraft.

Application areas​



Founded in 2012 and located on the Technoparc of Saint-Genis Pouilly, this young innovative company started its activity by providing aerial inspection and imaging services by drone. Seeing an unmet need in the market, Terabee expanded its business to include sensor development, with a focus on automated navigation for complex indoor environments. Through its partnership with CERN, Terabee has developed innovative solutions based on Time of Flight principles. Using low powered infrared, Terabee has been able to create incredibly small, light and fast distance measurement sensors that are 100% eye-safe. Taking readings at 1000 times a second the sensors are perfect for fast moving robots (including drones) and for many industrial automation applications.



Develop industrial partnerships to integrate sensors into finished products, for drone operations, robotics and automation.



​Innovative principle​s

Real applications​

Industrial robotics, domestic robotics, drones, collision avoidance and navigation, indoor and outdoor aerial surveillance and inspection services, road surveillance and lighting, safety and much, much more!